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Bylaws Of MN ALOA




A. The title of this chapter shall be "The Minnesota Chapter of the Associated Locksmiths of America, INC."
B. The Associated Locksmiths of America shall, herein referred to as "ALOA".
C. The Minnesota Chapter, Inc. shall herein refer as the "chapter".
D. The chapter shall take no action inconsistent with the policies and purposes of the ALOA nor shall the chapter attempt to act for or other wise bind the ALOA.


A. The purpose of the chapter is to promote and further the goals of the ALOA.
B. The objectives of the chapter are as follows:
1. To promote closer relations of the chapter members with the ALOA and all others allied to the physical security industry.
2. To promote at all times, practices consistent with the latest developments and techniques.
3. To gather, compile and analyze statistics and information relating to, or useful in, the conduct of the chapter and the activities of its members.
4. To conduct classes, courses or seminars for the education of those desirous of learning and understanding the management and technical aspects of the physical security industry in cooperation with the ALOA.
5. To establish and maintain the chapter as an unbiased source for technical information.
6. To further the common interests and professional opportunities of its Members in any and every lawful manner.


A. Membership classes
1. The members of this chapter shall consist of active, life, apprentice, student,and allied members.
2. In addition to the above classes of membership, there shall be a class of associate members, who shall be allowed to send one delegate to attend chapter meetings and be entitled to cast one vote, and may chair or serve on any committee, but shall not be entitled to hold elected office. The associate member shall be entitled to advertise in the monthly publication.
B. The chapter membership shall be assigned by the ALOA according to the geographical area covered.
C. All members in good standing of the ALOA moving from an area outside the chapter shall become automatically, a member in good standing of the chapter.
D. Non-ALOA members would be required to apply for chapter membership by board approved methods.
E. Non-chapter members would be allowed to attend chapter meetings as guests a total of 2 times before an application for membership would be required.


A. The affairs of the chapter shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of the officers of the chapter, and may include any or all of the Chairmen of the committees, Regional officers of the ALOA shall serve as ex officio members of the board of directors for each chapter in the region, and shall be eligible to attend all meetings of the Boards.
B. The Board of Directors shall consist of a Chair-person, Vice Chair-person, four Directors and a Sergeant at Arms. The board of directors shall serve for a term of two years.
C. Any officer may be removed during his/her term of the office with an affirmative vote of two-thirds majority of the members present at a duly constituted chapter meeting.
D. The Secretary and Treasurer shall be appointed positions. The Secretary and Treasurer will not be voting members of the board.
E. Vacancies on the board occasioned by death, resignation or removal shall be filled by appointment by the board of directors until the next election.


1. There shall be at least one business meeting during the year. Elections will be held at that meeting. The board of directors shall serve for a term of two years. Two Directors and the Sergeant at Arms will be replaced on odd number years. On even number years the Chair-person, Vice Chair-person and two Directors will be replaced.
2. The Appointment of Secretary and Treasurer shall be done by the incoming Chair- Person at the first board meeting and shall require a two thirds vote of the board.
3. The Chair-person shall set the dates of all meetings. In addition to the regular meeting the chair-person or a Majority of the directors may call a special meeting
4. All chapter members in good standing shall be entitled to attend meetings of the Chapter and to cast one vote.
5. Ten Percent or seven of the chapter members in good standing, whichever is greater, shall constitute a quorum, unless otherwise provided in these bylaws, any question presented at such meeting my be decided by a majority vote.
6. Notice of all general Meetings shall be mailed, faxed, or electronically transmitted to all members by individual decision.
7. The order of business, the appointment of committees by the chair-person, and other affairs of the chapter shall proceed as outlined in the chapter manual that shall be revised as necessary by ALOA Chapter Committee
8. All proceedings of the board of Directors, standing and special committees and Chapter meetings shall be governed by the provisions of the latest edition of "Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised."


A. GENERAL. The board of Directors of the Chapter shall consist of a Chair person Vice Chair-person, 4 Directors, and a Sergeant at Arms. All of whom shall be elected at an annual meeting of the Chapter to serve a two year term. They shall take office immediately.
B. CHAIR-PERSON The Chair-person shall:
1. Preside at all meetings of the chapter and those of the board of directors.
2. Perform all duties incident to this office and implement such actions to the Chapter membership as will Further the aims and purpose of the membership and the ALOA. 
C. VICE CHAIR-PERSON The Vice chair-person shall:
1. Act as the Chair-person of the chapter in the event of the absence of the Chairperson or vacancy of the office of the Chair-person.
2. Perform such duties as may be assigned from time to time by the board of directors.
D. SECRETARY  The secretary shall:
1. Maintain the books of the chapter and be responsible for its official records.
2. Send copies of the minutes of each meeting and other materials of interest to the headquarters of the ALOA within two weeks from the date of each meeting.
3. Notify each member, in writing of all meetings as provided in these bylaws.
E. TREASURER The treasurer shall:
1. Be responsible for the chapter funds and disburse same and keep the necessary books of account as directed by the board of directors.
2. Furnish a summary financial report to the chapter at each meeting.
3. Prepare a budget in conjunction with the finance committee to be approved by the board of directors for each fiscal year.
F. DIRECTORS. Directors shall:
1. Act as committee chairs as appointed by the Chair-person.
2. Assist in the operation of the chapter and its needs.
G. SERGEANT AT ARMS. The sergeant at Arms shall:
1. Take roll call and determine if the person is a member when the members arrive at the meetings.
2. Assist in the operation of the meeting.
3. Maintain order at each meeting.


A. OFFICERS. The chapter nominating committee will present nominations for officers to be elected by the voting membership at the election meeting. Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the meeting.


A. The annual chapter dues shall be established by the membership at a duly convened meeting, provided, however, any proposed change in dues must be presented in writing to all active members at least thirty days before a duly Convened meeting. An affirmative vote by two-thirds of the voting members present at a meeting shall be required for approval of such change.
B. Chapter dues become payable at the commencement of the fiscal year, and for new members are prorated from the quarter they were accepted for membership for the balance of the year.
C. Any member who does not meet the chapter requirements will not be considered an active member of the chapter, and will not be allowed to hold office or vote on chapter affairs nor may participate in chapter functions by invitation of the board of directors. This will not affect their membership in the ALOA.
D. Any member whose membership in the chapter has been terminated for failure to meet chapter requirements may be reinstated by the chapter after meeting the current requirements.


A. Expulsion and/or suspension shall be handled by the Chapter,


A. The bylaws of the chapter may be amended if the amendment or change is presented in writing to all chapter members at least thirty days prior to a duly convened meeting. An affirmative vote of two thirds of the voting members present at a meeting shall be required for any change or amendment.
B. Any such amendment, when adopted by the chapter, shall then be submitted to the ALOA. Chapter committee for their approval before it shall become effective.